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Cooking Guide

Flourist Wheat Berries: A Cooking Guide

Wheat Berries are high in protein and aren't just for milling into flour. Red Spring Wheat accounts for the majority of wheat grown in Canada. Eaten in their whole form,...

Flourist Navy Beans: A Cooking Guide

Our Flourist Navy Beans are a great alternative to canned beans as they cook up fast and are high in protein and fibre. Their texture makes them ideal for soups,...

Flourist Farro: A Cooking Guide

Farro, also known as Emmer, is a delicious whole grain that is great for many applications such as salad, pilafs, risottos, and soups. It is an ancient wheat strain similar...

Flourist Millet: A Cooking Guide

Millet is an ancient grain which is rising in popularity. Use it as a base for your favourite vegetable stir fry or enjoy with a curry or stew.  Our Flourist...

Flourist Black Beans: A Cooking Guide

Our Flourist Black Beans are high in protein and fibre and are excellent used in soups, salads, and bean dips. They have an amazing texture and are a great alternative to...

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