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Flourist Wheat Berries: A Cooking Guide

Wheat Berries are high in protein and aren't just for milling into flour. Red Spring Wheat accounts for the majority of wheat grown in Canada. Eaten in their whole form, they taste delicious in salads and soups. 

Our organically grown Flourist Wheat Berries come from Will Robbins in Laura, Saskatchewan. Get more info on our farmers here.

Boiling Method
Combine 1 part Flourist Wheat Berries with 4 parts water and 2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is optional but recommended, as the acid helps to soften the grains during the cooking process. Bring to a boil and simmer (covered) for 45-60 minutes until round and plump.

Next, you can strain the Wheat Berries and use right away or, to soften them even further, you can leave them in the water off of the heat with the lid closed for up to an hour.

Instant Pot Method
In your Instant Pot cover 1 box of Wheat Berries by about an inch of water. Set your instant pot to pressure cook at high pressure for 40 minutes. Once the 40 minutes are up, let sit for an additional 10 minutes, and manually release pressure or allow to depressurize naturally. Depressurizing naturally will take about 25 minutes. Once done, remove from instant pot and strain any excess water.

Batch Cooking + Freezing
To have cooked Flourist Wheat Berries on hand for ease and convenience, we recommend to use our batch cooking method. To freeze, simply store cooked and rinsed Wheat Berries in a Ziploc freezer bag. When ready to use, run under hot water to thaw. Use as desired. 

Nutritional Notes
Wheat Berries are whole grains and have excellent health benefits. One 1/2 cup serving of cooked Wheat Berries contains 3.5g of protein, 4.3g of fibre, and only 111 calories.

Wheat Berries contain high amounts of Vitamin E and magnesium, both of which are integral for bones and muscles.

Wheat Berries also are great for promoting digestive health as they help to lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels and, like other whole grains, Wheat Berries are great for weight management as they are incredibly filling and packed with nutrients.

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What is the shelf life for this item, as well as your farro and chickpeas?


Hello. You recommend using your batch method for cooking wheat berries but I don’t see that method anywhere on your site.


Hi Kaitlin! Yes you bet you can!


Can you use the Instant Pot method with less than a box of wheat berries if you only want to prep a small amount? Same cooking time?

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