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Sustainability Tips!

For Earth Month we partnered with our friends at Better Basics to talk about a few ways to be more sustainable in our kitchens. 

Switching from canned beans to dried beans is our favourite way to save on both packaging and energy! Canned beans are both heavier and bulkier than dried, so shipping them from the producer to the grocery store takes a lot more energy.

Making the switch to dried beans is daunting at first - it does take a little more time - but the results are worth it! Freshly cooked beans have a superior texture and the flavour is incredible. We have created a cooking guide for everyone of our dried beans to help you along! After you try it once, you'll never look back. We always recommend cooking more than you need as you can always keep the extras in the freezer.

Another great way to lessen our impact in the kitchen is to choose whole grain flour whenever possible. A lot of compost waste is created in the manufacturing of white flour. Whereas with whole grain flour, the bran stays in your food, which is better for the planet, and for your health!

We have a guide to help you get started with whole grain baking and below are some of our favourite recipes featuring whole grain flours. 

French Apple Cake
Hazelnut Jam Cookies
Whole Grain Rye Pastry Dough

What are your favourite ways to reduce waste and save energy in the kitchen? Leave us a comment below!

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