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Epic Summer Party Spread

There are a lot of reasons to celebrate in the summer so we created this guide to help make entertaining a little bit easier! This show-stopping platter is quick to assemble and creates an impressive, edible display. It's perfect for barbecues, birthday parties or showers and comes together with a few simple tricks. 

The end result looks complicated, but it's really simple to make. Follow the steps below to make your own Epic Summer Party Spread. If you live in or around Vancouver you can shop the bundle we created with everything you'll need to do this. This spread will easily provide snacks for 8-12 hungry people. 

Epic Summer Party Spread
1 Olive Loaf
1 Sourdough Boule
1 container of Hummus
1 container of Roasted Yam Hummus
1 container of Tzatziki
1 wheel of Brie
1 package of Herbed Feta
1 jar of Castelvetrano Olives
1 jar of Kalamata Olives
2-3 Watermelon Radishes
1 pint of Cherry Tomatoes
1 Cucumber
1 bag of Apple Chips
1 bag of Everyday Crackers
5 pieces of parchment paper


1. Cut the loaves of bread in thirds, lengthwise. Then slice each third crosswise into thin slices. Keep the sliced bread together for now.

2. Wash and peel the watermelon radishes. Trim the ends. Thinly slice the radish using a sharp knife or preferably a mandolin.

3. Wash the cucumber and cut in half crosswise and then into thin spears.
Wash a pint of cherry tomatoes.

4. Unwrap the herbed feta and cut into small cubes. Unwrap a wheel of brie.
Lay down 4-5 pieces of parchment paper directly on the surface you want to use for the spread. This can either be in a square or a rectangle depending on the space you want to fill.

5. Start the display with the dips. Distribute one in each quadrant of the paper. You can keep them in the plastic containers, especially good for outdoor gatherings, or they can be transferred to a bowl.

6. Drain the olives and put each type into a bowl. Distribute each bowl in an empty spot on the parchment.

7. Find a spot on the parchment for the brie.

8. Take 5 or 6 slices of bread and cascade them around one of the dips. Repeat with each container of dips, each bowl of olives and the brie until all the bread is distributed.

9. Next, distribute little piles of feta, radishes, cucumbers and tomatoes around the bread.

10. Fill in any empty gaps with crackers and apple chips.

11. Put a spoon in each bowl/container and a knife into the brie.

12. Sit back and watch it be devoured! As the things start to be eaten you can fill in any gaps with extra crackers and apple chips. 

This assortment works for parties in any season, but you can add different things depending on what is available. Other great additions are grapes, blackberries or strawberries, snap peas, or pickles. 

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