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A Note About Free Local Delivery

A Note About Free Local Delivery 

We've all been through a lot of challenges these past few years. At the beginning of 2020, we were looking ahead to our first summer open at the bakery and just finding our stride. Then March came along, and so did the necessity to think outside the box in so many ways. For everyone! 

Here at Flourist, our team has adapted our way through these past two years by working together, supporting each other, and staying open-minded. We've seen a lot of changes to the way we do business, none of which would be possible without your support! This is why local delivery is free again. 

In March 2020, once it was clear we had to temporarily close our doors, we were convinced that the best way to support our growing community was to offer free local delivery of everyone's favourite comfort foods. After all, after months of you coming to us, we figured it was time to return the favour. What we didn't expect was the response we received, and fast forward two years later, we're still delivering, and we love it as much as you do! 

During those early months of the pandemic, our team experienced the pressure of milling flour during a time when there was unprecedented interest in sourdough baking. Add to that a global flour shortage and folks facing a frightening level of uncertainty, and our small team found itself with a tall order to provide flour at volumes we had never seen before. We all made it through that scary time, and we're so proud of what our small team and two mills were able to accomplish!

We collectively baked a lot of bread, and with that, created connections based on a tradition rooted in coming together. 

We bought a third mill in 2020 to help us meet the growing demand, and began in earnest to look for a larger warehouse space. We were already growing out of our original South Vancouver space, and the purchase of our new, larger mill made it a necessity. 

After 2020 came to a close, we looked forward to a new year with new challenges, and hopefully a little less intensity. We found a new space to house our milling operation, and moved in the spring. With our online order service established, we began to make plans to re-open our bakery, while still being able to deliver. It was a big task to fit it all in! 

But late in 2021, we opened our second retail location and our team transitioned once again to offer an in person experience at our beautiful Commercial Street space, and at our new Strathcona pickup location. 

As we press on into 2022, we are excited to embrace our business now in its fullness. This means a new online experience, including a Rewards Club. You can now earn points for your purchases, return your glass jars for points, and much more. Online pickups are available at both locations, and local delivery is free.

But most importantly, we are excited to return to our roots of building community around flour milling. Our spaces ultimately exist to help us celebrate our traceable food sources, to be transparent about our processes, and come together over our mutual love of fresh flour, good bread, and nurturing human connection. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your support throughout it all. We are eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve you. 

~ Janna + Shira 
Co-founders, Flourist 

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