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Flourist Laird Lentils: A Cooking Guide

Laird Lentils are credited with being the start of the Canadian pulse industry that we have today. They are great for soups and salads and are delicious replacements for beans on toast. They are big, green, and packed with essential nutrition. Our Flourist Laird Lentils come from Bob Wallace at Aldor Farms in southwestern Saskatchewan. Learn more about our farmers here.

Steaming Method
Soak Laird Lentils for 8-24 hours in cold water at room temperature before steaming. Once soaked, drain and rinse well. Add to a vegetable steamer basket in a pot to cook with plenty of water for steaming. Steam for 20-30 minutes until soft but firm. Toss with olive oil and salt to coat. The longer you soak the lentils for the less cooking time they will need. 

Boiling Method
Rinse 1 part lentils and cover with 4 parts water. Bring water to a boil and simmer for 45-60 minutes until soft. You can pre-soak the lentils in water for 4-6 hours which will decrease the cooking time. Strain and toss with olive oil and salt to coat.

Instant Pot Method
Rinse a 600g box of Laird Lentils and strain. Add to the Instant Pot and cover by about an inch with water. Cook on high pressure for 15 minutes and then let sit for another 10 minutes before manually relieving the pressure. Strain any excess liquid.

Cooking Tips
Batch cook an entire box of Laird Lentils for a week's worth of tasty meals. Soak an entire box the day before with lots of water and they will triple in volume and be well hydrated. 

We recommend for salads to use the steaming method as it is the ideal cooking method for keeping the Lentils intact, plump, and evenly cooked. The boiling and instant pot methods are great for when you need a quick weeknight meal or want to add them to soups and curries as they cook faster and yield a softer result.

Nutritional Notes
Gram for gram dried lentils have the same amount of protein, and more iron, than lean steak. They are also a great source of folate, which helps in the creation of red and white blood cells and converts carbohydrates into energy.

Laird Lentils contain iron and potassium and the same type of anti-inflammatory properties found in green tea and berries. They also have magnesium which balances calcium in the body, eases muscle contractions, and helps with inflammation. 

Laird Lentils, when eaten with whole grains, form a complete vegetarian protein. They slow digestion and are great for maintaining a healthy weight.

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