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A Deeper Dive Into Durum

Our Durum '00' Flour is milled from organically grown durum wheat from Upland Farm in Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan. We recommend to use this fine, sifted flour to create delicious home-made fresh pastas and to add character and strength to breads and pizza doughs. 

With a 50% extraction rate, this is the finest sifted flour we offer.

Our Durum '00' Flour is perhaps the most specialized we mill. It is best used for making fresh pasta but has also been used in combination with other flours in bread making. It is often used in unleavened bread recipes such as this recipe for chapatiDurum '00' Flour can also be used as a substitute for semolina flour in some cake recipes.  

When trying to demystify the world of commercially milled semolina products, many of the methods used for flour production globally are steeped in intentional mystery. Much like the world of flour milling in general, it can be challenging to find any published standards when it comes to creating the products we see listed in recipes for pasta such as Durum Semolina, Semolina, '00' flour and more.

Many of these product names are just fancy labels for processed white flour, and Italian pasta products you see on grocery store shelves are very likelmade from Canadian wheat! In fact, Italy is one of the largest importers of Canadian wheat crops.

For the sake of transparency, our Durum '00' does not resemble anything you'll find in the grocery store or that is widely available. We take whole durum wheat berries, which are dense and have a tough outer bran layer, and we crush them slowly under the weight of the stones in our mill. Like everything we mill, all you are left with are deeply flavourful, aromatic crushed organic grains. Nothing more! 

Like all of our sifted flours, we sift out the largest bran particles, however with our Durum '00' we sift out 50% of the bran, leaving a rich, oily, and flavourful flour that is most suitable for pasta. Even when using our Durum '00' for pasta, we do recommend to mix it with another lighter flour, such as our Sifted Red Fife. On its own, it can be more challenging to knead, and the flavour is bold. You might find you enjoy it on its own, but we recommend to mix it for a balanced and flavourful pasta unlike anything you've ever tried. 

Explore our recipes featuring Durum '00' here.

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