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Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts, Grilled Artichokes + Olive Oil

When we first saw the picture Heartbeet Kitchen posted on Instagram of this hummus, we knew we had to try what looked like the most delicious toppings we'd ever seen. We've used our recipe for Classic Hummus here and added some pizzaz in the form of grilled artichokes, toasted pine nuts, za'atar, and fresh parsley. Of course only good olive oil too.

Use our Classic From-Scratch Hummus recipe as a base for getting creative with your toppings too. We mean it when we say you really can't go wrong.  

Classic Hummus with Pine Nuts, Artichokes, and Olive Oil 
1 recipe Classic From-Scratch Hummus
1 small jar grilled artichokes, or 3-4 plain artichokes
3 tbsp toasted pine nuts
1 tbsp minced parsley
Za'atar spice to taste 
Olive oil for garnish  

Make your hummus and transfer to a clean serving bowl. Top generously with chopped artichokes, olive oil, pine nuts, parsley and a sprinkling of Za'atar to your tastes. Serve with crackers or baguette. 

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