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Farm Spotlight - Loiselle Organic Family Farm

Marc and Anita Loiselle manage their multigenerational family farm located near Vonda, SK, about 50km northeast of Saskatoon. They grow grain, oilseed, pulses, clover and hay crops and also raise chickens, goats and cattle.

The farm has been in the Loiselle family for 108 years. 

Flourist sources Red Fife, Musketeer Rye and now Marquis Wheat from the Loiselles.

The Loiselles have been outstanding advocates for organic farming and have used certified organic and biodynamic management practices since 1985. They have had a lead role in the renaissance of heritage landrace Red Fife wheat. We love baking with Red Fife and it shines in almost everything! 

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We have now added Marquis Wheat to our assortment of flours (in limited quantities). Marquis is high in protein but actually lower in the allergenic component of gluten than modern wheats. Which means it performs very well in bread baking but is easier for people with gluten sensitivity to digest. Marquis was an award winning grain, first introduced in the early 1900's.

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Marc is the fifth generation Loiselle to farm the land. He and his wife, Anita, have four children and are proud to be raising kids on an organic farm and striving to live as healthy as possible.

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