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Quinoa Chickpea Tabbouleh

This tasty salad will become an instant hit! It's protein-packed and satisfying while still feeling light and fresh. We love the addition of sumac for a special brightness. Make a batch and enjoy it all week!

Quinoa Chickpea Tabbouleh
1.5 cups dry Flourist Golden Quinoa
1 cup dry Flourist Kabuli Chickpeas, (2.5 cups cooked chickpeas)
2 tbsp olive oil 
2 tbsp lemon juice 
1 long english cucumber, chopped to a 1 inch dice
1 red bell pepper, chopped to a 1 inch dice 
1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved 
1 bunch fresh mint, chopped 
1 bunch Italian parsley, minced 
1 bunch green onions, chopped (whites + greens)
2 tsp sumac 
2 tsp salt

Follow the instructions here for soaking and cooking the dry chickpeas. This step can be done days in advance. 

Cook the quinoa by combining it with 2 1/4 cups water in a lidded saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil on high heat. Once boiling, turn the heat down to low and cook for 20 minutes. Once the timer is done, turn the heat off but leave the lid on to allow the quinoa to steam for 10 more minutes. Once the 10 minutes is complete, fluff the quinoa with a fork. Transfer to a large bowl and allow to cool.  

When the quinoa has cooled to room temperature, combine the quinoa, chickpeas, herbs and vegetables. Stir well and add the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and sumac. Adjust seasonings to taste and serve. 

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This is a great recipe. Thank you. Used a “multi- cooker” to make a big batch of chickpeas and a double batch of toasted quinoa. Didn’t have sumac, but didn’t miss it. Added feta on plate.. There are two great things about this protein packed recipe: 1) blend of textures and 2) the liquids are modest and don’t make the final product soupy. Thank You!

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