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Famiglia Creanza Olive Oil

A special olive oil from Puglia, Italy.

Tonio Creanza and his family have been growing durum wheat, almonds and olives on the Murgian plains of Puglia, Italy for six generations. 
The Creanza family are the caretakers of 700 Olea Europea trees ranging in age from 4 to 400 years old. Using natural methods of fertilization, they rely solely on natural rain fall for irrigation.

Famiglia Creanza olive oil is made exclusively from indigenous olives grown on the family orchard: ogliarola (fruity and dense), silletti (smooth) and coratina (peppery, bitter, fruity). 

The blend of these olives produces an olive oil that is vibrant green in colour, with a dense fruity palate and subtle peppery finish. The peppery finish indicates a high level of polyphenols, which are healthy, beneficial antioxidants, that act to preserve the olive oil itself. Famiglia Creanza olive oil is extra virgin and cold-pressed.

In Italy, like much of the Mediterranean, olive oil is a basic part of the diet, used for dressing, cooking, baking, and preserving. According to Tonio, Italians do not make a distinction between finishing oils and cooking oils. Extra virgin olive oil enjoyed in its simplest form is like a seasoning or spice. It is a simple ingredient that enhances the flavour of the ingredients it’s paired with.

1L can. 

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