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Flour Care & Storage

Unlike processed grocery store flour, our freshly milled flours contain all the natural oils present in the whole grains we mill. We don't add anything to your flour to preserve it, which is why we don't recommend to store it in your pantry.

Fridge or Freezer? 

Both the fridge and the freezer do a great job of preserving the integrity of the natural oils found in our flour. What's most important is that the fresh flours are kept cool.

Store your flour in the fridge or the freezer for up to 6 months. The flour is perfectly safe and edible after that, but you may find that the flour loses some of its natural flavours and instead tastes a bit like the inside of your fridge. 

No space in the fridge? We get it. If you need to store your flour at room temperature, we suggest a cool, dark and dry spot. In light of space challenges, our flour will be fine stored at room temperature for short periods. We recommend to use your flour within 4-6 weeks for best results if keeping it at room temperature.

What do I use to store it in? 

You can keep the flour right in our bags, just roll the top down and seal well with a clip. You could also enclose the paper bag within a plastic bag. Or, take it a step further and decant your flour into a large glass jar or plastic canister. 

Preserving your flour in the fridge is an important step to getting the most out of our freshly milled flour. It's such a great way to ensure you'll be taking advantage of all the flavour and nutrition inherent in the grains we mill. 

We recommend that you let your flour come to room temperature if you're doing any kind of leavened baking. If you're baking pies, the cold flour will work to your advantage.

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