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Canada's Food Guide: Eat More Beans & Grains

We've seen many of you adding more of our premium whole grains and beans to your orders since the new updated Canada Food Guide was released a few weeks ago. 

Our customers are always pleasantly surprised to discover the difference freshness makes not only in our freshly milled flours but in our premium quality legumes sourced directly from Canadian family farms. 

What makes ours so different? Because we bypass the traditional commodity supply chain by which most of Canada's grain and bean crops are traded, we provide access to products fresh from the farm. Our products are rarely older than the previous year's harvest {compare this to mystery bulk bins where products can be 10 times that old after a few trips around the world}.

This month we'll be sharing our top tips on how to make the most of our premium whole grains and beans; whether you cook on the stove top, in a vegetable steamer, or in an Instant Pot. 

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