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Delivery is Here To Stay!

Delivery is Here To Stay! 

We aren't changing a thing, except we are. Watch for updates as we finalize our plans to re-open #FlouristIRL in the coming weeks. We'll be opening with the same bread, flour, coffee, and delicious food you've come to know and love, with the option to continue to have it delivered. 

Flourist exists to connect our customers to the sources of their food. Our plans include a continuation of our current assortment of local, traceable food, including produce, dairy, and all the wonderful provisions you need to make the most of our products at home. All available online, and brought directly to you. 

We are also adding delivery to Burnaby as part of our continued pledge to bring Flourist to you. Starting Sunday, June 14, place orders for next day delivery to homes in Burnaby, in addition to our current stops in Vancouver and the North Shore. 

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