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COVID Operations Update at the Mill + Bakery

COVID Operations Update at the Mill + Bakery

Since March 18th we've been offering free delivery & pickup to ensure we could continue providing our bread, treats, fresh flour, and provisions to you, our incredible carb-loving community. As of today, we have no plans to change this and with the current restrictions in place, we won't yet be opening to the public. We've expanded delivery to the North Shore and will be adding more delivery areas soon, based on your feedback. ⁠

A quick update on FLOUR for those of you who've had difficulty getting it! ⁠

1. Need SRS or SRF? On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we adjusted our flour inventory to be exclusively our most popular flours. Shop on those days and choose from Sifted Red Spring Wheat Flour and Sifted Red Fife ONLY, in increased quantities. ⁠

2. No more 1 bag per order limit! Need more than one bag? Shop for a few {but don't go crazy out of respect for others!}. ⁠

3. If you've recently discovered sourdough baking, we're back in stock with bannetons, Tartine Bread books, and soon we'll have Lodge Dutch Ovens back too. At this time the Lodge Dutch Ovens are only available locally through Bakery Orders. 

THANK YOU for all your support the past two months as we continue to adapt! We are so sincerely grateful for all of you.

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