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A Note About Produce + Sourcing

A Not About Produce + Sourcing

We always love hearing from you whether it's a product request, feedback on a specific item, or ~ especially ~ if a product does not live up to your expectations. We are proud to offer the freshest and most premium products we can find, but in the event we run into challenges, we love the opportunity to make it right. Here is a note from a loyal customer, and our response. Thank you for your continued support! 

"I have become quite enamoured of your offerings. I particularly like your reliance on local produce in general with some obvious additions at specific times of the year — such as tangerines or pomegranates. But I was somewhat distressed to receive cherry tomatoes grown in Mexico some months ago. Surely some of these are grown in greenhouses in the lower mainland.

All in all, you have made me fall in love with bread and vegetables again. I used to grow my own vegetables a few decades ago, and have not enjoyed a lot of the city vegetables available since. Until you came along. Thanks for taking this up during the pandemic."

We thought this was the perfect opportunity to share with you a little more about our produce sourcing philosophy. Here is our response! 

"Thank you so much for your lovely note, we are so happy to hear from you always and are even happier that you enjoy the service and the selection, including fresh produce! We love to receive feedback, especially from regular customers like you. 

I am glad you brought up the tomatoes from Mexico. I hope I can help illustrate our challenges with sourcing and how we generally try to approach it! We always try our best to find local options, but as you noted, there are times when that is not possible. We did carry organic cherry tomatoes from Mexico all winter and early into the summer this year. This was due to the dreadful weather we had for the first half of this year ~ it was a very late local season! We were not able to find any local tomatoes (hothouse even!) of any reasonable quality until quite late in the season. 

The Del Cabo organic cherry tomatoes (from Mexico) are such a consistently good product that we opted to keep them available until we could be sure of a quality local source. Prioritizing our mandate for supporting local growers with our quality standards is always the balance we are striving for."

Have an issue with produce quality? Simply email us to let us know. We'll offer a refund or replacement, no questions asked. 

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