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A Note About Black Friday

Making good food is hard. From the farmgate to the table, there are many hands that touch the food we eat. 

As a small food brand, it’s already extremely challenging to navigate the world of making quality food, with the pressures of rising costs and an increasingly delicate supply chain. Despite the challenges, we really love what we do, and are committed to offering consistently high-quality, transparently sourced products all year round. 

This is why we don’t participate in Black Friday. We don’t have a business that can accommodate steep mark downs, and we firmly believe that food is precious. We believe that overconsumption can be replaced by a more sustainable, thoughtful approach to living, and choosing high quality flour and dry goods, purchased at a fair price, can go a long way. 

We really hope to be a part of your holiday season. Whether you gift our products or use our ingredients to serve your friends and family, please know that you are participating in a food system that was designed to benefit everyone involved.

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