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We Are Now Delivery + Pick-Up Only!

Get free local delivery or pick-up just outside our door. 
We are closing our doors to the public. 

Our Mill + Bakery is now temporarily closed to the public. We are free home delivery and pick-up only just outside our door. 

How it works: 
Place your order daily online between 9AM and 3PM for next day delivery or pick-up.
-> Choose from our selection of bread, prepared foods, fresh items, kitchen tools, and dry goods. Inventory is re-set daily at 9AM.
-> Pick-up outside between 10AM-5PM or wait for free delivery between 10AM and 5PM. 
-> Due to limited capacity we can only accommodate flour orders of 1 bag per order at this time. 

Orders are available 7 days a week.

We want to thank you for your incredible support as we adapt to the quickly changing new reality.

Read here for our frequently asked questions.

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